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  • Our product

    Air fresheners are commonly used in cars, although they are just as frequently hung in wardrobes or toilets.

    Air fresheners are characterised by their pleasant fragrance and often by an interesting shape or a graphic motif. There are good reasons for their widespread use as an advertising gadget –besides its practical function, an air freshener dangles in front of the driver for many hours and days, creating an opportunity for the company logo to sink in.

  • Original advertisements

    Air fresheners are a great idea, for creative company advertising. They can be handed out to clients, current and prospective alike, attached to mail as gift, used as business cards, e.g. in business fairs, or sold in fundraisers of all kinds. As small-sized and lightweight items,air freshener trees make great advertising gadgets for all sort s of promotional events.

  • Excellent quality

    Aroma4car undertakes to produce such a scented advertising item with utmost care. We employ highest quality materials,of excellent absorbtive capacity for fragrant oils, ensuring many days of pleasantly freshened air.

  • Many options

    Our clients can choose from a wide variety of punch shapes or submit their own design. The punch shapes can be filled to customer specification, e.g. with background colour and advertising slogan or company logo. Additionally, we offer a wide choice of fragrant oils, with typically male or female fragrances as well as flower or fruit scents. Air fresheners are also tightly packed if the client requires it.

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We play fair. We are your partner, not your competition.

We offer favorable conditions to our business clients and intermediaries – advertising agencies.
Learn what our clients say about us

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Learn what our clients say about us

Adela Grzyb

“Working with aroma4car has been going great. They respond almost immediately to all our queries, and the quality of their hang tags is very high. The scents are nice, too.”

Adela Grzyb / Spalding

Karolina Bałuk

“We highly recommend working with aroma4car. Fast and professional execution of orders, great quality and friendly customer service.”

Karolina Bałuk / Sport-transfer

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