Car scents | Zawieszki zapachowe

Our air fresheners smell nice but more importantly, they advertise – put a billboard in your clients’ car.

Car scents

For over 11 years we have been following the principle of providing quality without compromise.

  • Materials characterized by their high absorbency of fragrance oils
  • Lasting fragrance and vivid colors
  • Long-term visibility of your advertisement



Choose the form of your advertisement

Choose the most interesting shape for your air freshener.

Choose a scent for yourself or your client.

  • Give a fresh touch to your advertisement with scents of green tea or mint,
  • Create an energetic cocktail of strawberry, orange or apple scent,
  • Bring out the festive character of your products using vanilla, gingerbread or apple and cinnamon scents.

Fresh berries


  • 1. Why are our air fresheners probably the best?
    In our production, we use a special absorbent material – cellulose – and not the commonly used simple cardboard (the so-called beermat); therefore, our air fresheners stand out above all in terms of lasting smell and aesthetics.

  • 2. What is included in the price of our air fresheners?
    The price includes a scented air freshener with double-sided print, a plastic hook or rubber band, and barrier packaging with or without a warning description.
    The price depends on the number of units and the version of the air freshener (standard, premium).
    For information about prices, please contact our office (contact form,, email:, phone +48 12 307 26 01, mobile +48 515 801 103).

  • 3. What kind of print do we use?
    We use two types of print:
    – Full color CMYK printing – if the design contains, e.g., images, tonal gradations.
    Silk-screen printing – with a max. of 4 colors, flat colors without shading.

    Both types of print are available at the same price.

  • 4. What is the minimum number of air fresheners you can order?
    Full color print – minimum order is 100 pieces.
    Silk-screen printing – minimum order is 500 pieces.
  • 5. How does the standard air freshener differ from the premium version?
    Standard and premium versions of air fresheners vary by the amount of fragrance oil they are imbued with.
    Both versions can be printed in full color or silk-screen print. If you require a long lasting scent, choose the premium versions which are imbued with approx. 2 ml of oil.
    A standard air freshener is imbued with approx. 1 ml of fragrance oil.
  • 6. What scents are available?
    Scents that are always available in our production line include: New Car, vanilla, sandalwood, forest, apple, orange, lime, strawberry, green tea, melon, exotic fruit, berries, sweet fruit, Aquarella (light floral scent), bergamot with a hint of tobacco, CK-1 (men’s perfume).
    With a number of units up to 500 pcs, you can select 1 scent from our assortment; with a number of copies amounting to 1,000 pcs – 2 scents; a number exceeding 1,500 pcs equals 3 scents; 2,000 pcs and more – 4 scents, etc.
  • 7. What shapes of air fresheners are available?
    All shapes from our library of blanking dies are free of charge. We offer over 240 different shapes.
     If you want to get a custom air freshener shape, please provide an initial design and contact us in order to consult the feasibility of the proposed shape. The air freshener design for an individual blanking die should be prepared so as to keep the elements of the tag from being too narrow or with very acute angles, as this may cause early damage to the tag even during storage. The net cost of a new die amounts to PLN 300.
  • 8. What are blister packs? How can an air freshener be enhanced?
    To complement our air fresheners, we also offer blister packs – cardboard with euroslots that can be hung on any displays. They facilitate the presentation of the product and provide an advertising space where you can post additional information or instructions. Blister packs come at an additional charge. The price depends on the number of units ordered.
  • 9. How should you prepare your air freshener design?
    You can provide us with your own air freshener design in the form of a PDF or Adobe Illustrator for CS 4.0 version file. All the objects contained in the silk-screen printing design, such as writing, logos or graphic elements, should be made using vector graphics (converted to curves). Raster graphics should be placed in the design and not linked. Their resolution should be 300dpi and they should be saved within CMYK color range. The blanking die should be marked with an additional spot color (e.g. one of the PANTONE colors, contrasting with respect to the design) named “blanking die” with the overprint attribute assigned. The design should take into account the 3mm bleed on each side (left, right, up, down), and the suggested place of attachment of the plastic hook/rubber band to ensure the correct positioning of the pattern upon hanging (the hole has a diameter of 4 mm, and should be 4 mm away from the edge). When choosing the location of the hole in the tag, its center of gravity must be taken into consideration. Only then should the graphic layout of the tag be prepared so that the hole for the hook would be well composed with the whole. The vertical arrangement of the tag in the final blanking die is only a suggestion; in fact, the design can be rotated at any angle. However, be aware of the advice given above. To ensure the color consistency of the tag with its design, the colors included in the silk-screen printing designs (4 colors) should be defined in the PANTONE® palette. When ordering, please indicate the PANTONE® numbers for colors used in the design. We also produce tags printed in full color in the CMYK color range, which provides the possibility of using any color and even photographs. When choosing colors it is important to remember that scented air fresheners are imbued with fragrance oils which may result in slight differences in the selected colors. The final colors in the air fresheners may be slightly darker than the blanking die original.
  • 10. Can we prepare a design for you?
    Yes. We charge PLN 50 for developing the design for you. The price includes the development of the design on the basis of materials submitted by you, and 2 corrections. Further comments and changes will be applied for the net price of PLN 20-100, depending on the number of corrections. The net cost for the preparation of the project from scratch (including concept, graphics layout etc.) is PLN 200-500 (depending on the complexity of the design).
  • 11. How quickly are we going to produce your air fresheners?
    NUsually, we are able to send 100 to 300 pieces within 10 working days from the date of the advance payment and approval of the project.
    We can produce 500-10,000 pieces within 14 working days from the date of the advance payment and approval of the project. The term depends on the current orders in our production and the number of copies you have selected.
    For numbers of copies exceeding 10,000 pieces the deadline is selected individually. You can determine it with our office.
  • 12. How much will the transport of scented air fresheners cost you?
    The price of transport in Poland amounts to PLN 25/box containing 2,500 units.
  • 13. How can you pay for your order?
    If you are placing your first order with us, we ask that you make 100% of prepayment to our bank account before the execution of the order.
     We can execute each subsequent order after receiving a minimum of 30% advance payment of the gross amount of the order. The final invoice is issued on the day of the shipment of air fresheners with a 7-day payment deadline.
  • 14. How can you order air fresheners for yourself?
    1. You have to submit a complete design or commission us to develop one.
    2. If you submit a design, we will check if it is well-prepared for production and then accept the file.
    3. You have to submit the form available on our website. To fill in the form it is necessary to contact the office first (contact form, email:, phone + 48 12 307 26 01, mobile. +48 515 801 103) to learn about the prices of air fresheners. We will check the form and, should it be necessary, correct it.
    4. Pay the advance payment specified in the order. On the first working day following the date we receive your advance payment we will start producing your air fresheners.
    5. Once your air fresheners are ready and we’ve sent them to you, you will receive an email with information thereof. On that day, we will issue an invoice for the whole order with a 7-day payment deadline for the remaining amount.
    6. Wait for your order. Remember to check for any damage to the packaging. Make sure everything is in accordance with the order.

If you have any comments/questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Adela Grzyb

“Working with Aroma4car has been going great. They respond almost immediately to all our queries, and the quality of their air fresheners is very high. The scents are nice, too.”

Adela Grzyb / Spalding

Karolina Bałuk

“We highly recommend working with Aroma4car. Fast and professional execution of orders, great quality and friendly customer service.”

Karolina Bałuk / Sport-transfer